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image of an anchor and red rose

“...your book profoundly shifted
my mind and emotions...”

˜ Cathy Chapman, WRAP® Facilitator

“What an inspiration! This book takes what many consider a curse and turns it to an opportunity for growth, strength and personal development...”

˜ Paula Hotte, RN

Michelle’s Dedication

Michelle dedicates this book to all who have been impacted by any emotional, physical, mental health, or addiction challenge.

Her hope is that it may inspire others to do what they love to do, strive for that balance in order to stay well, and enjoy what life has to offer.

The goal is that people can grow wherever they are on their journey to wellness.

“...she inspires me to continue to find balance and to never give up, but rather rise above and conquer my challenges one step and one day at a time”

˜ Sherry Stasiuk, WRAP® Facilitator, Peer Navigator

Readers will go on their own journey to wellness …

  • Find out what your turning points are
  • What it is like to leave a legacy
  • Persevere through fear
  • Find out what your strengths and talents are
  • How to be a self-advocate for your needs and wants
  • How to navigate change (spark of hope, new beginnings, acceptance, forgiveness)
  • How to create your own visions
  • Explore different writing prompts
  • Find out what you are passionate about, and
  • Find new and exciting ways to Do What You Love and Love What You Do!!!
image of an anchor and red rose